Wix’s new AI Site Generator tool lets you build a whole site with a few prompts. | Screenshot: Wes Davis / The Verge

Template-based website builder Wix has announced that, soon, it’ll let you create entire websites by typing a description into a box and answering a few follow-up questions. Everything, from the design to text and images, will then be automatically generated for you, and from the looks of things, it’ll be pretty fast.

In the past, companies like Wix and WordPress.com have let you create websites using templates you can tweak to your liking. But Wix says its new AI Site Generator feature goes beyond templates, using AI and algorithms to create a “unique” website.

At the moment, the company uses a mix of ChatGPT and its own tools to accomplish all of this. ChatGPT will handle text creation, with the company’s own AI models doing the rest….

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