Enlarge / What the Golf?, a popular Apple Arcade game, running in shared 3D space with other visionOS applications. (credit: Unity)

Starting today, some developers can use the popular software Unity to make apps and games for Apple’s upcoming Vision Pro headset.

A partnership between Unity and Apple was first announced during Apple’s WWDC 2023 keynote last month, in the same segment the Vision Pro and visionOS were introduced. At that time, Apple noted that developers could start making visionOS apps immediately using SwiftUI in a new beta version of the company’s Xcode IDE for Macs, but it also promised that Unity would begin supporting Vision Pro this month.

Now it’s here—albeit in a slow, limited rollout to developers that sign up for a beta. Unity says it is admitting a wide range of developers into the program gradually over the coming weeks or months but hasn’t gone into much detail about the criteria it’s using to pick people other than not solely focusing on makers of AAA games.

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