Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge

Now that most of us are traveling around again — to work, to the movies, to friends, or just to get outside and experience the summer — we are pulling our favorite backpacks and bags from our closets and filling them up with laptops, phones, cameras, clothes, groceries, and other stuff. (Not to mention trying to figure out if they might suit any kids of our acquaintance for back-to-school purposes.)

Here are some of the carry-alls that we here at The Verge have been using. As you will read, most of these have gotten months or even years of good use — which is what you want in a good backpack or bag.

A colorful fanny pack

Victoria Song, senior reviewer

I’ve always been stymied by the need for a bag smaller than a backpack or knapsack but…

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