Enlarge / Identical cousins. (credit: Spellblade91 / Reddit)

Years ago, Sony started making a select handful of “PlayStation 2 Classics” available as emulated downloads on the PlayStation 4. Now, there are signs that certain PS2 games will be similarly available for native download on the PS5, complete with new features like “up-rendering, rewind, quick save, and custom video filters.”

The hint at Sony’s coming PS2 download plans comes via a new PlayStation Network listing for the 2002 release Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which recently appeared on tracking site PSDeals (as noticed by Gematsu). That site draws from unpublished data from the PSN servers, such as this thumbnail image that recently appeared on the playstation.com servers and lists a planned June 11 release for the emulated Clone Wars port.

So far, this is nothing out of the ordinary. But near the bottom of the boilerplate, the listing notes that “this title has been converted from the PlayStation 2 version to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles and provides newly added features [emphasis added].” That’s a marked difference from earlier “PS2 on PS4” downloadable releases, which only say that they were “converted from the original PlayStation 2 version to the PS4 system.”

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