A loud popping noise that sounds like a bang or gunshot and then no audio at all has been the experience for numerous owners of the $900 Sonos Arc soundbar. But don’t worry: Sonos is working on re-creating the problem—and has been doing so for over two years.

That’s right. As an Ars reader helpfully pointed out, users have been openly complaining about their Arc startling them with a “gunshot-esque” or popping/cracking sound and then dropping audio until being power-cycled for years. If you don’t believe me, check out this thread on Sonos community forum that goes back two years and has 980 replies. There’s also this 2-year-old thread, another thread that’s a year old, and some more recent ones. There are piles of discussions on Reddit, too (here are just some examples: one, two, three, four).

The tales sound rather disturbing. One user on Sonos’ forum, going by William_61, described the Arc’s sudden sound as much more of a blare than a pop.

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