Enlarge / The regional headquarters of Samsung in Mountain View, California. (credit: Getty Images/Smith Collection)

Samsung’s Galaxy SmartTag 2 was a no-show at Galaxy Fold 5 launch, but considering it was just spotted at the Federal Communications Commission by 9to5Google, it should be out on store shelves eventually. A Galaxy SmartTag, if you haven’t heard, is a Bluetooth tracker, just like a Tile or AirTag, but from Samsung. Previous versions have only worked with Samsung phones.

The FCC listing features a picture of this thing, and unlike the square, Tile-clone design of the original Galaxy SmartTag, this is definitely unique. It’s a flat, pill-shaped device with a huge key ring hole at the top. It sort of looks like a cigar cutter. If that’s actually a normal key ring-sized hole, this is about twice the size of an AirTag.

Just like the Galaxy SmartTag+, this device will come with UWB (ultra-wideband) tracking, which will help locate the device when it’s nearby. When it’s far away, you will rely on the device’s smartphone network. Previously this device popped up in the Bluetooth SIG database, where it was listed with Bluetooth 5.3, which should make it more battery efficient than the old Bluetooth 5.1 tag.

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