Enlarge / A technician works on part of the Space Launch System rocket’s core stage for Artemis II in this March 2023 image. (credit: NASA/Michael DeMocker)

Welcome to Edition 6.06 of the Rocket Report! This week’s news in space lift includes ups and downs for small launch companies, yet another record for SpaceX’s blistering launch cadence, and some non-news on Europe’s Ariane 6 rocket that still bears mentioning. We also provide updates on the world’s two super-heavy lift rockets—NASA’s Space Launch System and SpaceX’s Starship/Super Heavy.

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Virgin Galactic flies first private passengers. Richard Branson’s private suborbital spaceflight company performed its second commercial flight to the edge of space Thursday. This was Virgin Galactic’s first flight with private passengers onboard, Ars reports. Virgin Galactic’s first commercial flight in June carried government astronauts for Italy.

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