Enlarge / Twitter’s new X logo. (credit: Twitter)

Twitter has replaced its longtime bird logo with an X in order to fit owner Elon Musk’s preferred aesthetic. Musk is famously a fan of the letter X, applying it to everything from his companies to his children’s names.

The branding change comes about three months after Musk officially replaced Twitter the company with a successor firm called X Corp. Over the weekend, Musk wrote that “soon we shall bid adieu to the twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds,” and invited users to come up with a new logo. He also wrote that a tweet will now be called an “X,” and noted that his X.com domain now redirects to Twitter.

Musk chose a logo offered by a Twitter user but wrote that it will probably be changed later and “certainly will be refined.” The X logo was suggested yesterday by Sawyer Merritt, who initially said it had been used for a now-discontinued podcast about Musk.

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