Photo by Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images for MrBeast Burger

YouTube personality MrBeast is suing the company responsible for his branded line of fast food including the MrBeast Burger, citing “inedible” food delivered to customers. The company, Virtual Dining Concepts, partnered with James Donaldson, aka MrBeast, in 2020 to launch the menu out of “ghost kitchens” — storefronts that have no physical presence whose food is made and served out of other existing restaurants.

@MrBBSupport @MrBeastBurger @MrBeast Getting raw meat in these burgers is becoming a common occurrence which is a HUGE issue. This is from my burger which I was about to eat an hour ago. Money wasted and a huge shame.

— surviving (@Orlando_Brendan) March 1, 2021

Donaldson’s lawsuit alleges that…

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