Photo by INA FASSBENDER / AFP via Getty Images

For years, Tesla was synonymous with everything cool, high tech, and futuristic. But is it still today?

“Teslas used to look cool and now they don’t,” said Jessica Resler, a Brooklyn resident recently shopping for an EV who eventually settled on a BMW i4. “And they’ve become the Uber car of the city.”

In case it wasn’t clear, no one wants to be known as “the Uber car of the city.” Previous designees include various Toyotas — Prius, RAV4, etc. — a brand that’s more synonymous with terms like “functional” and “within my budget” than “cool.”

But maybe it’s a good thing, a sign of forward progress, that Tesla is shedding its cool persona and becoming more of a car for the masses. After all, the goal is to get more people into EVs, not…

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