Enlarge / Bottles of MMS, the bleach product that Genesis II Church of Health and Healing was ordered to stop selling. (credit: Genesis II Church of Health and Healing)

A Florida father and his three adult sons have been found guilty on all counts after falsely claiming a toxic, industrial-strength bleaching agent they sold as a “miracle” solution through their fake church could cure HIV, autism, cancer, COVID-19, and other serious illnesses.

On Wednesday, a Miami jury took just 30 minutes to return the guilty verdicts for the so-called “Church of Bleach” family, according to the Miami Herald. The trial began on Monday.

The 12-person jury found Mark Grenon, 65, and his sons Jonathan, 37, Joseph, 35, and Jordan, 29, all guilty of conspiring to defraud the United States by distributing an unapproved and misbranded drug. The drug in question is the “Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS),” which is consumed as chlorine dioxide, an industrial bleaching agent used for bleaching paper products. The conviction carries up to five years in prison.

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