Enlarge / Cleveland doctor Sherri Tenpenny gives false testimony on June 8, 2021, saying COVID-19 vaccines magnetize people. (credit: The Ohio Channel)

Sherri Tenpenny, the Ohio anti-vaccine doctor who made national headlines for claiming in viral testimony that COVID-19 vaccines make people magnetic, has lost her medical license.

The state medical board indefinitely suspended her license Wednesday, saying she refused for over two years to cooperate with the board’s investigation of over 350 complaints against her, which suggested possible violations of state medical regulations.

In a hearing on Wednesday, board members suspended and chastised Tenpenny for failing to cooperate or answer a single question from the regulators. “Dr. Tenpenny, neither you nor any doctor licensed by this board is above the law, and you must comply with the investigation,” Dr. Jonathan Feibel, an orthopedic surgeon and medical board member, said, according to Cleveland.com. “You have not done so, and therefore, until you do, your license will be suspended.”

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