Enlarge / Replacing the XK engine in this Jaguar E-Type won’t meet with everyone’s approval. But if it’s not your classic car, who cares? (credit: Electrogenic)

Few things are as wonderful as classic cars. They come with pretty lines and tactile switches. They make people of a certain age think you’re living some sort of dream, and people on the Internet will celebrate you. Having a kickass car from years gone by sitting in the driveway is awesome… so long as you’re cool with wrenches, oil, and getting to know a mechanic. They need work, and depending on whether you get one that was well-built 60 years ago, some need more than others. This is mostly because of the big sweaty engine up front. If you have time and money, or like spending hours looking for that one ratchet that everyone uses, bully for you. If you’re a little more pressed for time, Electrogenic has a solution.

Electrogenic has two methods of electrifying your car.

The Kidlington, UK, company will take your classic, remove all the fragile oily bits, and replace them with an electric setup. If you have a classic that hasn’t had the full EV treatment yet, your car will be taken in, scanned, and options will be presented to you. Your preferred balance of range and performance will be weighed up, and an ideal solution found.

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